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What is this scratch sample meant to be?

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I was just flicking through my media collection in Foobar before when it rolled around to an MP3 of Suspense, the music from E1M5, which I recorded from Timidity. In the MIDI a scratch sample is used, but it sounds totally out of place, like an abused sample (eg. the gunshots used in the Doom 2 MAP31 music).

What is that scratch supposed to sound like?

In this old Timidity recording it sounds like a demented child's cry run through a flange or bizarre wah of some sort. Is there an MP3 somewhere that demonstrates what it's supposed to sound like? (And if so, what do you think it sounds like?)

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You mean that pipelike sound, almost like a frog's croak?

Bobby Prince released this track on his MP3.com site back in the day; that would be your source of "how it was intended".

I use TiMidity for MIDIs and in my case there it doesn't sound too different from Bobby's recording, except that that sound is much less prominent, and probably better off that way. Under a Sound Blaster it sounds somewhat different, more like percussion than a pipe, perhaps.

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That sound would be the "guitar noise" MIDI instrument. It's supposed to sound like that *vwip* sound of your finger sliding down a string.

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