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Cracks along sector boundaries

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Hi all, I'm new to Doomworld and to Doom map editing, so please forgive me if this question is n00balicious.

I'm using Doom Builder 1.68 and am trying to get a radiating light from the corner of a room, so I start off splitting the sector into bands:

At this point, there's no problem. I then use the Curve Lindef function (or just add vertices and draw a rough, manual curve] and get something like this:

Now, in the 3D preview, there are cracks along the floor where the sectors join...

...but when I playtest (ZDoom 2.1.5), everything looks fine. I'm guessing it's just a peculiarity with Doom Builder, but I'm worried in case I'm building incorrectly and leaving myself open to future problems with this map.

Any hints?

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No, you're fine. 3D mode creates little visual distortions that 99% percent of the time will look and be just fine while playing.

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