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Orna fulsamee

Problem with doors

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Ok, I am making a level. I made a door following ALL of the instructions
of a manual. But when I test the map, the door doesn't open. However, when I press the spacebar, the doomguy doesn't make a "mmf" sound like when you press space near a wall.

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When drawing all normal sectors, you should draw them clockwise (left to right). All door sectors should be counter clockwise (right to left). If you are doing the sector drawing part right, then make sure that you are giving the lines that make up the face of the door the proper actions. Be sure that the door is able to be activated by pressing space bar and not something else. Check to see that you are tagging the lines that the player presses to open the door with the same tag number of the door sector.

Those are the problems that I had and a lot of other people have when making doors. If it still isn't working, delete those problem sectors and just start over, following the guide's every word.

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Another idea (stupid, but you never know, sometimes these obvious tips turn out helpful): make sure the front of the linedef the player is supposed to push to open the door is facing the player, and not "inward".

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