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Several questions

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I came across some things that I was hoping would get answered.

1. why does xwe refuses to save/import Segs or SSectors lumps? It is Constantly giving me Scan line index out of range messages.
2. Why does xwe tries to save Blockmap lumps as bitmaps?

These things has been an issue from the first to the latest version of xwe and I was hoping I could get some light shined on this issue as it has caused me to shout profanity ever since.

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Did you try with "Save As... (raw data)" and "Replace (raw data)"? Make sure you have the latest beta, that has these options.

I haven't generally worked with those lumps separately, but just testing now I saw the first issue you mentioned using the standard Save As and Replace, but all worked fine with the raw data options. the raw data option always works with LMPs exclusively, as well (won't try to find a format, as with the BMP issue).

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Hey Kaiser,

Those two bugs are related. It's happening because of the large number of games and image formats that XWE supports. What XWE does when you export a file is it tries to load it as an image. If that works, it exports it as a bitmap. However, some entries get mis-identified, and either get saved as a bitmap, or give some weird error message (loading the lump as a bitmap fails). The latest beta already has a workaround as myk has correctly pointed out. The "Save As... (raw data)" option tells XWE not to try to be smart. The lump gets saved, period.

I quickly tested this and found at least one image mis-identification problem (grab the latest beta). These issues are usually easy to debug and fix. If it still happens, just email me the WAD (you can truncate it down to the lumps you're having problems with) and I'll try to fix it.

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