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mus2midi correct tempo...

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By default mus2midi has output .mid file slowdown a bit.
Which -t### value is correct?
I probing various tempos and think -t155 is nearly correct.
Any suggestions?

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It varies with the system (OS maybe), apparently. Some people using XWE were complaining that the traditional version was messing up the music, and they found another version that worked for them, but for me it's the other way around.

Rather than speculate on the tempo it's easier to try another version.

Mus2Midi "v1.0" seems to work correctly on Windows XP while the more traditional version is apparently better for Windows 9x. There's also MMus2Midi and QMus2Midi (both which generally work like the traditional version, from what I've experienced).

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Oh, thanks myk. MMUS2MID is what i need. Correct conversation and without any crappy headers with author's credits.

By the way i found a correct tempo ratio for original mus2mid - 161.

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