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Can't get freedoom or WTF?

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(new here so don't kill me)
I wanted to get freedoom but all the sites i found to download from give me file extensions that i don't have a clue for (DMG ipk RTXQ MP3 ZEDT2 etc...), same with prboom.

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A ZIP of PrBoom, you say? Impossible, by policy the Windows version of PrBoom only comes in a BRP file, and must be opened with Brad's Remarkable Packer, which you can get at Best Buy, Walmart or (maybe) Amazon, for a reasonable price.

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Kristian Ronge said:

You have no clue what the MP3 file extension is!?

I THOUGHT I knew what .mp3 meant... until I found PrBoom.Mp3, this was very confusing for me as I was under the impression that it was a Music file format... silly me...

Kristian Ronge Also said:Oh, and Myk is incorrect, in fact it comes in B.P.R.D. format.
Here you go. [/B]

Oh thanks verry much! this is the correct one! that solves the problem...

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