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PrBoom 2.4.6 Released

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Yes we are late, yes I am lazy, yes you'll just have to deal with it. PrBoom 2.4.6 has been released with a long list of changes. So long, in fact, I'm not going to copy and paste them, and you'll just have to visit and find out.

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So that 3 second delay after the quit sound was fixable after all. I figured it was something in my computer.

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Yeah, but this is different, entryway just removed the whole delay and because of that the end sound was gone. I now just wait until the end sound has finished playing.

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RjY said:

2.4.7 was released earlier today. Get it from the usual place :)

Thank you!
RjY for the info and the prboom programmersd for the update!


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