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Dutch Doomer

512 X 512 map screens + download

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gotcha! unlike 1024.wad and 64.wad yours doesn't end in "4" ... not that i've been secretly working on a "congestion 384" or anything :-)

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Dittohead said:

So how's that megawad going.

Very good total progress 0,0% :p not sure what port I want to make this for yet.Map size limit 64X64 hehehehe some people have an good sense of humor :)Rapidshare doesn't work so I needed some other file hosting site yeah true megaupload sucks thanks for hosting it for me Tango.

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Ichor said:

I think ravage made one as a joke once.

It was only half a joke. It's perfectly playable and doesn't look like it came from ralphis's bra.

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I had an idea for a megawad in one map with a series of 32 ISOLATED 512x512 squares. I made an example which wasn't very good, but it worked. It had 5 themes: tech, wood, outdoor ruins, Cathedral (small one though!) and hell. It ended up being a hell of a challenge, figuring out that the player is a SQUARE and figuring out the limits that that square could squeeze through for tunnels and vent ducts for the tech sections of the map. turns out, doomguy is a fuggin' stick.

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