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A short Flash movie (NON DOOM RELATED)

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It's a 30 second Flash movie I made in 3 days. I got pretty sloppy making the last 2 scenes, but I don't care. I only made this because I was bored. In fact, I wasn't making a serious attempt at making this movie. I was going to leave it black and white, but I decided today to color it. Ehh, I'l probably fix it later.

Basically, this movie mimics the intro movie from the PSX version of Megaman X3. When I say intro movie, I mean the one that plays before the intro level, not the movie that plays before the title screen.


Oh yeah, EVA gets onto the helicopter by driving the Ride-Chaser up some ramp and it propels her really high. Sadly, I didn't add that scene in.

BTW, if you get that stupid error about the bandwidth running out, check back later.

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