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Uncle 80

Zdoom / Doom.exe line type differences

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I'm currently in the testing phase of a map I'm making for vanilla Doom, and in this map I have used some of the "crushing floor" line types. In vanilla Doom, these line types move the tagged floor(s) to LIC -8, but when I run my map in Zdoom, these floors instead move to LIC - i.e. 8 units too high.

Obviously, the "crushing floor" line types work differently in Zdoom, but does anybody know their exact behaviour? Are there any compatibility options I don't know about that may fix my compatibility issues?

For your information, I'm using ZDoom v2.0.63A (and Doom 2 v1.9 :)


EDIT: Ooops, I see it's been a while since I upgraded my Zdoom. :|
I need to reinstall and see if my problem goes away...

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Uncle 80 said:
I need to reinstall and see if my problem goes away...

So, did it?

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myk said:

So, did it?

Bump, heh.

Actually, upgrading to the latest version of Zdoom didn't fix the problem. The line type "S1 raise crushing floor to LIC -8" still moves the floor (up) to LIC instead.

Don't know how many levels this little quirk will affect, but levels that use this line type for instant (downward) movement may become unplayable. (e.g. a barrier in a 56-unit tall room, as featured in my level :(

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