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Bastet Furry

Toke tribute (coopbuild)

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So folks, i hope i can motivate you in doing a toke tribute coopbuild megawad. ;)

Rules for the maps:
Invest in gameplay and not so much in visuals. Means: No missalgined textures and some varity, but no "i gotz threemillionsz l1nes in one room lolz!!!1111" ;)
Use monsterhordes and ambushes to keep a coop party on their feet.
When possible avoid monsters that infight.
Make puzzels that can only be solved together.

I dont know how good ACS and multiplayer go along so use sparsely.

Here you have my map: http://fileanchor.com/75420-d

I hope yours will follow! :D

EDIT: Revoked, the other is a whole different project...... *needs some sleeps*

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In all fairness and without any disrespect meant, I think it's a bit late to START yet another tribute for toke. It seems rather tacky at this point, imo. While we all would like to remember him in our ways, this feels a bit shallow.

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Doesn't necessarily have to be a tribute to Toke in order to prescribe to his vision of DOOM level design. You could always note in the text file that it's "Toke style" or something along those lines, and maybe a small dedication line. But otherwise, Manc is right. It's a little late to start up new stuff that's a big flashy tribute. Of course EE 3.33.50, which is dedicated to his memory, hasn't had its release finalized, but I decided (and announced) that it would be dedicated to him shortly after his death.

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