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GL Lumps

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Using the latest beta with embedded GL nodes, when using the Lumps button, the GL nodes are displayed, with the exception of GL_MAPxx and GL_PVS.

Can these additional lumps be viewed also when using the Lumps button ?

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The lumps list should consist of all lump where XWE could not determine the lump type. Do you know what the GL_MAPxx and GL_PVS lumps got recognised as? (ie what's in the TYPE column)

As long as they didn't get misidentified as something else, they should be in the lumps list.

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We can explicitly mark those entries as lumps, just open the XWE.INI and add this to the [LUMP] section:

Entry : "GL_PVS;GL_MAP##"

But this would cause XWE to identify those as "lump" types, and they wouldn't show up under the lump list (which shows unidentified lumps). I fixed this in the latest beta, grab it. Argh, sounds so confusing, but it's simple! :-)

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TheDarkArchon said:

GL_MAPxx lumps are put down as markers, IIRC, since they're empty like the real map headers.

They are not necessarily empty. The latest GL-Nodes specs allow those lumps to contain some data (KEY=VALUE pairs), and glBSP 2.20 stores some information in there. Note however that this data is not meant to be edited by users.

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