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A map for testing...

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I've been working on this wad for the past week or so, and it's at a stage where I thought it would be a good idea to get some `expert` opinion. It's not finished, just for testing...


Designed in Linux using yadex, and wadgc from xwadtools, it's tested with prboom v2.4.6. It is designed to be compatible with doom2, but tests in windows 95 have problems with junk pixels in the textures and a group of floors not raising fully.

Feedback about difficulty/challenge would be appreciated, but be warned, perfectionists will not like it, NONE of the textures are aligned, and I tried to avoid too many square rooms.

BTW I'm not much of a gamer, generally only have time for a bit of doom 1+2 here and there. Thought doom3 was too much of a departure.

Cheers, James

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I thought it was a nice little old school style map, like something from 1996 or thereabouts I guess. It's not too hard, I died and restarted only once. Here are some suggestions:

  • Don't use wolfenstein enemies unless you're making a wolfenstein map
  • Please align teleporter squares with the 64x64 grid (sector 50) This type of misalignment really is inexcusable, more so than wall textures. Try moving the entire map 32 units to the left. This is easiest to do in vertex mode, followed by the same action in things mode.
  • The computer map secret was inaccessible due to having two special lines too close to each other (lines 175/916)
  • The chainsaw and backpack secret becomes annoyingly inaccessible if the player doesn't have prior knowledge of it before sector 99 rises.
  • The imp teleporter trap only goes off if I happen to shoot through linedefs 931/928, which I didn't. I suggest remaking it so it activates when the red key is collected.
  • I assume your textures have had their palettes scaled down, with not particularly great results. I realise you're trying to show your artwork off but some of it doesn't really fit the style of the map.
I won't comment on the wall texture alignment as I know how annoying that is to do in Yadex, which makes you do it all manually.

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Cheers Rjy for the suggestions.

The teleporter grids I knew about, I'm waiting until the map was finished and before shifting the entire map so they're aligned, it's handy having it central for checking symetrical vertex placement.

The chainsaw & backpack secret is meant to be inaccessible once the floor rises. There are a few levels in the original games were secrets can become inaccessible I thought.

I'll certainly change the imp teleporter trap, thanks.

Which engine did you use?

Did the 4 floors with imps on, by the exit, rise fully so they can escape and chase you?

Anyone know of an automatic way to align textures in Linux?

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jameswm said:

Did the 4 floors with imps on, by the exit, rise fully so they can escape and chase you?

With Boom compatibility, yes. With "vanilla" Doom2.exe compatibility, no.

The artwork looked a lot better in OpenGL mode than in software mode.

I was using Prboom-plus.

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1. The textures look really crazy in ZDoom, but that's not really your fault.

2. Monsters kept randomly teleporting in and out of existence and to random points.

Fun map, though.

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