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IDGames Archive Torrent

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I've uploaded a torrent that contains almost the entire idgames archive compiled into a iso, the archive is missing lmp's and some more stuff.

Here is a list of whats included:


I Had to remove some of the stuff to make it fit on a single dvd.


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Downloading a current copy of the entire archive does not strike me as a brilliant plan.

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Sounds like a nice collectible item, make a nice cover and voila. A collection of dvds containing the uploaded stuff each year could be a cool thing to place in your room. Damn, now I'm tempted to do that.

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amnesia said:

download bittorrent


Tracker is down...well, it would be mostly 1994 wads anyway, and I unluckily have a "collectible" CD full of those already :-)

I guess it would be cool to have a my own local copy of idgames, though, as long as it includes impse :-)

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seems like i utterly fail at seeding this torrent, dunno why really. Probably cause i choose some bad ass crap trackers

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seriously, this torrent seems to be out of intrest, heh. I'll delete it to free all that shit from my harddrive, if someone really badly wants it, i can probably compile the ISO again...

EDIT: By the way, using WGET and imgBurn you can make a iso yourself. If someone Really wants instruction exacly how to do that, i'll post them here.

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