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Colourmap / Palette oddity in Prboom, Prboom plus and Eternity ports

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I've been noticing an on/off bug in the way the software renderers for PrBoom based ports handle the colourmap. It's hard to describe to someone who hasn't seen it themselves, and sadly I can't take a screenshot to show it either.

It only occurs in fullscreen mode, and it's most noticeable when looking at blue colours. Anything that's in a sector which does not have a light level of 255 and is a little distance away from the player shows up with the incorrect light levels. Menu graphics, the status bar and end level screens all show up correctly, so I believe it only effects objects which would use the colourmap. I've noticed this bug occurs in PrBoom plus, Eternity 3.33.50, some earlier version of PrBoom (I don't remember precise version number off hand), but not PrBoom 2.4.6.

I'm mostly just curious to see if this bug is known, and perhaps some information on how to avoid it. (Running the ports windowed does fix the problem, but I like fullscreen :P)

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Psycho Siggi said:

I've noticed this bug occurs in PrBoom plus, ... but not PrBoom 2.4.6.

That might narrow it down a bit. plus- was a based on a slightly earlier version of the SVN than the 2.4.6 release. See if the problem is fixed in the current test version (which is based on a later version of the SVN).

BTW, Eternity isn't based on Prboom, so this sounds more likely to be Boom or MBF issue. I can't be too sure, as I don't quite understand what you're describing, and haven't noticed such a problem myself.

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Ok, I've had a look at the PrBoom plus you linked and the bug remains, however I think I may know the cause of the problem. Prboom plus (both and and Eternity are shipped with the same SDL.dll (SDL.dll is 258,048 bytes), while PrBoom 2.4.6 has a different one (SDL.dll is 237,568 bytes).

I actually knew Eternity was not based off of PrBoom, that was bad wording in my initial post. However, SDL is still a common entity between the 3 ports. I've already tried using PrBoom 2.4.6's SDL.dll with Eternity, but it crashes on startup (for obvious reasons).

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entryway said:

prboom-plus.exe -videodriver directx

Thanks, that worked for PrBoom plus. :)

It seems Eternity doesn't have that option. Does anyone know if there is a solution like this for Eternity?

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Awesome, on my end everything is solved. :D
Thank you very much, you are my new hero :P

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