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Hexen demos anyone?

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I decided there should be some Hexen demos of like single levels and such. Once I figure out how to make the intermission screen appear in ZDoom at the end I can get some times, but until then I'll just give the demos.

http://ler.belsambar.net/stuff/reality01hexen.zip <-- Reality runs of MAP01 on Skill 4 with Fighter, Cleric, and Mage. I like the Cleric run's end particularly. Demos run on ZDoom 2.1.7

How about some of you make some neat demos?

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Yeah, Heretic has seen some activity lately. But I am not one that will record any hexen demos. I dont really like the game, it'(s too long, too complex, too mazy and it lacks weapon diversity.

Some other people may be interested tho :)

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