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Original Doom shirts being sold again!

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"... In celebration of our release of DOOM onto the Xbox Live Arcade, I went and visited one of our offsite archive bunkers looking for a bit of history to share amongst the populous. Deep in the back I found the last remaining boxes of the Original DOOM T-Shirts, which up until now our X-Large and Large shirts have been unavailable, and only a limited stock left of the Mediums and Smalls. I have pulled out some of these shirts, once again making them available at the id Store. There are only a limited number of the Original DOOM T-Shirts left, so act while supplies last. ..."


Only small and extra-large left, though.
I bought one. :D

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Bashe said:

Meh, no black ones. I don't like white shirts.

Yeah that sucks.

There are clear ways to paint an M_DOOM or INTERPIC graphic on a blank t-shirt. I have a couple (not with Doom). The sh*t is how you get the torso pictures not to crack into picture shards. They look interesting now (not extreme) then they transform into pajamas, due do bad sticker quality.

(all this blabber was referring to printing/sticking pictures on blank t-shirts).


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Bashe said:
I don't like white shirts.

Yeah, that never made sense to me. At least they should sell them in the four colors of the Players (Green, Indigo, Red, and Brown).

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I think plain white is just about the worst color (besides canary yellow) to put the Doom logo on. Why don't they have black, or at least red or something?

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As I said, if I'm not wrong, there are workshops where they can print pictures on your blank black T-shirts, though I haven't checked much on it, only heard of it. It's likely that it costs less than a full new T-shirt, but as I said, over-time quality might suffer.

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