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zdoom and doomxp

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I am sorry for asking this question, a lot of you are probably crazy good with all of this, so sorry for the noob question.

Is it possible to combine zdoom with the collecter's edition?, I like how you can access WAD files from the xp edition, which points me to another thing. How do you start custom wads with zdoom?

thank you.

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to run your wads in Zdoom:
1. You can drag and drop your wads to the zdoom.exe. (You can drop as many wads as you want into the exe.)

2. Or you can also right-click your wad file and select "open with" and search for zdoom.exe.

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hmmm this wad I am using says to run doom II (check) 1st level (check, i ono how to skip levels in the console in zdoom anyway).....nothing heppens, same ordinary level. am I doing something wrong?

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