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Scabbed Angel

Gears of War

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So, a thread geared [sic] towards any potential XB360 fans out there... Long awaited, and completely hyped next gen game, Gears of War, is being released today in many areas. I thought I'd start a thread for any fans who wanted to give their impressions. Based on reviews today, it seems that the game, which utilizes the new Unreal engine seen as E3 a few years ago, is living up to its hype. Unfortunately, in what could be an act of karma for me getting Doom 3 three days before the release date, all the best buys in my area aren't carrying it until tomorrow. So, for those of you who have gotten your hands on a copy, and want to share… by all means. I'll just sit here and stew in my jealousy.

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The game looks f'ing amazing. I'll be picking it up tomorrow. Edit upon playing.

EDIT: I had to just sit and look at my copy for a good while at work, like Scabbed Angel, but now I'm home and have gotten through a handful of levels and it is confirmed: [i]Gears of War = God.[i]

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Well, I dont have an XBOX360. But if there is a few reasons why I would buy one, would be because of Gears Of War. That gamed looks so freaking awesome. AND I WANT IT IN MY HANDS!

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