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Eric Vaughn

How to play wads with ZDoom?

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How do I play a custom wad I downloaded from the internet on ZDoom? I've downloaded a few and I can't figure out how to make them work. When I open ZDoom, it shows me the basic doom wads ie: Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Plutonia Experiment and Evilution, but the custom wads don't show.

How do I play them?

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You could simply drag the pwads on the ZDoom executable, or you could use the command-line.

zdoom.exe -file pwadname.wad

Those are the easiest ways, but there are plenty more.

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Move the wad file into your zdoom folder, and open the folder, then drag it by clicking on it into zdoom.exe, but the console command way mentioned above is also good.

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