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Wireless networking - need help

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So on Sunday we bought a lot of Belkin stuff and having thrown sufficient monies at the problem now have a wireless network up and running. Here's how it's laid out;

Cable modem goes into Router, my PC running XP is connected to it by a PCI lan card, my parents PC running Win98SE is connected wireless via USB adapter. Connection is fine, they can use internet fine and encryption works.

The problem is resource sharing. I ran the home network wizard on this PC and it prompted me to make a disk with netsetup on it to run on the other PC. I made such a disk on a usb key and copied the setup file onto the win98 machine. I ran it, it prompted to reboot, I reboot then it says cannot locate you network hardware, and just quits. Great.

I can see the Win98 machine in my workgroup but access is denied.

So that's out. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get these PCs to communicate, or get the Win98 machine to use my printer?


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The sharing bit between windows 98 and XP is a nightmarish thing thats so convoluted it may make you want to kill something. Unfortunately I forgot how to do it. I think google knows how.

As for the printer, a question. Is said printer hooked up to a print server? If not get one. Most belkin routers I've come across include one anyways, but if yours doesn't then just get one. Print servers come with adequate instructions on how to make them work.

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networking with 9x is, not fun. Sometimes it works perfectly, other times it refuses to work. I used to know how to do it, but it's been years ago.

If you set up a printer, you must have either a generic printer driver or a specific one. IIRC you can set up winXP to supply a driver to the win98 computer (if you have a win98 driver, that is).

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Well I've found the problem - Zone Alarm.

I had everything else configured OK so it now works, I can browse shared folders on either PC from either just fine (amazing).

Is there a way I can get Zone Alarm to allow networking without having to put my router, and therefore the whole internet, into the Trusted Zone?

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Wait I think I've figured it out, added Win98 PC's IP to trusted zone.

Seems to work touch wood.

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