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I'm trying to, once again, define switches via ANIMDEFS, I got it working enough so GZDoom didn't crash out with an error, but the switch doesn't animate when it's pressed via "use" key, here's the code for each switch I'm using:

"switch EHELLSW1 on sound Switch1 pic EHELLSW2 tics 0
switch EHELLSW2 off sound Switch2 pic EHELLSW1 tics 0

switch SW1GOTH1 on sound Switch1 pic SW1GOTH2 tics 0
switch SW1GOTH2 off sound Switch2 pic SW1GOTH1 tics 0

switch SW2GOTH1 on sound Switch1 pic SW2GOTH2 tics 0
switch SW2GOTH2 off sound Switch2 pic SW2GOTH1 tics 0 "

What's wrong?

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