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Games you should be playing

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Lately I've had a few cool games to play, and I figured I would tell you all to go out and buy/steal/download them too. Because they're damn fun.

Firstly - Jaws Unleashed.

Mostly because you play as a motherfucking SHARK that eats everything. It's very blatantly a console port, with simplistic controls/menus/gameplay, but that makes it pretty fun. It's not overcomplicated, you can go on awesome killing sprees for the fun off it. Actually it's partly required, so you can upgrade your shark. Yes you heard me. Although there are no spoilers and phat rimz, sorry. Go buy NFS Carbon if you want that. I will say however, some of the missions are somewhat vague about what you have to do - sometimes you have to do some fairly complex stuff, but none of it is explained.

Speaking of NFS Carbon - I've been playing that too. It's pretty much more of the same again, with a slightly worse pursuit system than last time, and an annoying drift system. It's average, but kinda fun until you get to the last part and everybody magically has the top level cars in the game and you're stuck with mid-level cars. Quite the annoying difficulty jump.

Something else I've just come across - RoboBlitz.

Before I say anything else I'll say that this game runs on the Unreal Engine 3 and so requires a beefy computer to run it.

Having said that, it's very fun. It's a physics enabled puzzle/fighting game played in the third person. You are a robot called blitz who has to fend off an invasion of the space station you live on/maintain through use of various weapons and puzzles. I've been playing through the demo and it's easily good enough to pay $15 for. For an Indie game it's really well polished and it looks great.
It's available through Steam, (no steam bashing please) I don't know if it's available elsewhere.

So uh, yeah. Go play some games.

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Mmkay, I'm gonna hijack this thread for my own purposes:

Otogi: Myth of Demons (Xbox only)

OK, do you like killing stuff? Of course you do, you're a Doom fan. But, what makes this game great is impossible to put into words. The aesthetic quality is absolutely amazing, with feudal Japanese art styles revamped and translated to 3D-- The graphics ain't Ninja Gaiden quality, but they're still beautiful. The gameplay is simplistic, but in reality, this gives the game a surprising depth. It's possible to level entire buildings in one blow from your blade, and if you go back to replay a level, then the carnage you created will be restored. Buildings you left standing will still be standing, and those you destroyed will stay that way (unless you choose to reset it, of course). Many of the boss fights are absolutely impessive (especially the one against a giant centipede of Shadow-of-the-Colossus proportions), and the incorporated RPG elements make Otogi truly unique.

Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors (Xbox only)

Similar to the original Otogi, but with more "fun" added: more than one playable character. There's six in all. It's the rare sequel that doesn't suck.

Ninja Gaiden (Xbox only)

Go ahead, admit it: you've always wanted to be a ninja. You've always wanted to do wallruns and decapitations, and overall, serve the purpose of the ninja: to flip out and kill stuff. The difficulty is cruel, and it is far from button-masher friendly, but most casual gamers should be able to eke their way through the game.

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