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Captain Red

Battlefield 2142...

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...is pretty groovie.

yes, I know, the beta sucked, the demo sucked but the game beat the odds. I'd go as far to say it's better then Battlefield 2:

Mechs, Better maps, Big Robots, non useless Anti-Air guns and Anti-Tank rockets, All the classes are balanced (though, there are only four now), Big walking Mechs, EMP grenades, heavy focus on teamwork, Titan mode and of course Big walking Robot Mechs.

that said, there are some things that will annoy veterans of the old Battlefields: it's STILL full of bugs. Titan is currently really REALLY laggy (though Dice clime that they'll fix that in the next patch), knife kills are even cheaper (one stab kills... still fun though, and you get there dog tags!) and it's not very LAN friendlily. You have to unlock almost everything other then your most basic guns and repair/heal/resupply boxes. that means that out of the box you get no Expacks, no Reviver and no grenades!

speaking of unlocks, you can unlock some pretty grovie stuff such as spawn beacons, EMP grenades/mines ( temporarily 'stuns' vehicles and gives engineers/tanks time to line up a shot or gives YOU time to run like buggry) Active cameo (temporary inadvisability) and the long overdue shoulder launched SAM (OH HELLS YEAH!).

One thing that should be pointed out is that from a technical staind point: out side of a few wobbly EMP effects, Battlefield 2142 looks a lot like a Battlefield 2 mod. I mean, it dosn't bother me, it has enough adjustments and new stuff to play like a new game, (and my old computer can run it decently), but it might annoy some of you. I don't know.

So yeah, I like it. If you love team based multiplayer and have a good compy can only afford one game for the next few months... I'd wait for Quake wars. If you love the previous Battlefields and have a good compy and can only afford as many games as you like... I'd still wait for Quake wars but Battlefield 2142 is still a safe purchase. I donno, I've just got a good feeling Quake wars. I however, you're like me, and you compy is only just good enough to play Battlefield 2, and you just love Battlefield to bits, then grab Battlefield 2142. it's pretty groovie.

EDIT: Uhh, well I thought this was a blog entry, but one of the mods didn't. so uh... What do you guys think of Battlefield 2142?

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Sounds interesting, but: 1) My computer can't run it and 2) I don't feel like being EA's guinea pig until they can get the game in a semi-decent state.

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You know they basically install a bunch fo spyware alongside it to support the ads right? It looks at your browsing habits/cookies and determines what ads to show you.

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1) i have seen exactly 0 ads in game so far

2) if i did, i'd be too busy trying not to get shot to care

3) Meh.

Edit: it seems the Australian version dosn't have the "spyware" or in game advertising people are worried about. I'm trying to find some kind of conformation on this out side of a few fourms...

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Captain Red said:

that said, there are some things that will annoy veterans of the old Battlefields: it's STILL full of bugs.

Basicly that is why I quit BF2. BF2 went to hell after the 1.22 patch. Not only was it full of bugs and gliches. They started to "fix" the game cos a bunch of noob where crying. Reamber when the PKM was an unscoped sniper rifle? Thats when I quit. Now I hear about people gliching there way into buildings?! BF2 will be the last ea game I ever buy.

Quake Wars here I come.

I started playing once the demo came out and got the game the day it was released. I can say when the game worked it was great. But now EA and Dice have turned it into a pos.

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I will not pay 40-$50 for this MOD with EA bullshit. I'll wait for patches and budget price first. The demo is pretty neat with Titan Mode though.
While I love the gist of the battlefield games, I absolutely hate the engine and network codes they run it on. Coming from a person who likes to play the sniper class, it's fustrating to play even with no lag because the rifles are inaccurate (1942 is understandable though).

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