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Question about whacked2.

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Kappes Buur said:
You load them just like deh files:

-deh dehfile[.deh]
-bex bexfile[.bex]

-deh dehfile
-deh bexfile.bex
-bex bexfile
-bex dehfile.deh

Some engines (mainly Boom) don't use the -bex extension, so in such a case just use -deh and add the extension. Otherwise you can put the BEX file in a wad as a lump named DEHACKED (also not supported by Boom but possible in most advanced Windows engines). Doom_master1122, note that what Kappes Buur linked to is ZDoom specific documentation, so unless you're editing for ZDoom itself you might want to take a look at Boom's documentation (BOOM.TXT and BOOMDEH.TXT). PrBoom also includes the Boom documentation.

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