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A pet mod for classic doom

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Many of you know that there is a mod for doom 3 called pet mod, it lets you have monsters as your pets, it lets you teleport your pets to the place your pointing to, command them to walk where you want, etc.

I know there is a summonfriend command in zdoom, but it just spawns a monster that will kill surrounding enemies and walk to the places it will be able to, but maybe there could be a modification for zdoom or a wad that upgrades the summonfriend thing.

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It should be realistic.


Tamagotchi Doom anyone?

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Hmm, this has given me a REALLY interesting idea for my mod. I've said too much already.

And yeah, this would be a cool game to play, Doom Tamagotchis, just for the laugh factor! I would PAY to see a pinky demon pissing on one of those sprite lamposts and then you punish him by a beat-down with brass knuckles.

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