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Hexen Intermission in ZDoom

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Hexen doesn't have intermission screens. I kind of want to make Hexen speed runs, though, and that makes it a problem. Would there be a way to not interfere with the actual wad but still make intermission screens appear after levels that are standalone? What about making them appear after hubs with total hub time?

Edit: Forgot to mention I would prefer it to be a ZDoom solution but if some other port is used that'd be cool too.

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Yes, ZDoom can do intermission screens in Hexen. All you have to do is to create your own MAPINFO. As long as Hexen's standard MAPINFO is being used ZDoom will default to not showing it. But to get the same settings as Hexen has you will have to add the following at the top of your MAPINFO:


These are settings that are done automatically for maps defined with Hexen's internal MAPINFO but not when using your own. Please note: Your new MAPINFO must be defined in ZDoom's format, not Hexen's original one.

For hub based games the intermission will show the statistics of the entire hub.

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