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Make your own Quake paper models (link)

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DOOM's wouldn't turn out as cool, because in Quake's case the paper models are similar to the ingame polygons.

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The equivelant to doom would be printing out the sprites and cutting them out. Unless your talking about a doom port that supports 3d models

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Very cool stuff, especially the Shambler. I use a somewhat similar methodology when I make geometric shapes for my models/sculptures, except I do all the geometry the hard way, on paper, not with computer programs.

Vegeta, as Shapeless indicated, it would work with Doom, but you'd have to use polygon models from something like JDoom for it to work as the artist described his process.

Here's an idea for a relatively simple and quick Doom figure in this vein: If you have a 20-or-more sided die lying around as a model, you could scale the geometry up on cardboard (just measure the angles of the triangles and reproduce said angles while lengthening the sides), assemble it, print out some cacodemon-ish textures, glue 'em to the cardboard, make some horns, and voila, geometric cacodemon.

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