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Weapons Mod

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Some of you, like Adamiz3r*-RIP-* already know about this, but I'm making a weapons mod for Zdoom, and I already have most of the weapons converted. Here's a list of the changes made:
Fist=Hyruken fireball
Shotgun=Floating mine launcher(doesn't work very well)
Chaingun=Superfast cg, but low max ammo, so at max ammo only a second or so of fire time.
Rocket Launcher=Reflecting rockets
Plasma Rifle=Railgun
BFG9000=Double Railgun

I'm also trying to add a hook, but it's not going as hoped...

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You'll just have to wait and see when i put it up on my site in about...

...maybe 2 months...

...right now im busy working on a game for RM2K so work on doom is at a slow pace...

...dont give up hope, OR ELSE...


Do it, DO IT NOW!!!

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