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Placing Wyverns on the map

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The Ultimate DooMer said in a four-year old thread:
Probably that death wyvern at the end of Hexen's second hub. (the first time I played it, of course)

I used search and couldn't find anything about this:

how do you place Wyverns on the map in the MapEditor? I know they are supposed to go along a route, if you just set them they just sit there passive. So how do you program them?


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First, give them a tag number. Then add a mapspot with the same tag number. This is the spot it will fly to when it first starts moving. Add at least one number in the argument section as a reference. This will determine which way it goes. Here's an example.

                                            X - Death Wyvern (tag number 1)

                                            O - Mapspot 1 (argument numbers 2 and 3)

        O - Mapspot 2 (argument numbers 1 and 3)                       O - Mapspot 3 (argument numbers 1 and 2)
This will cause it to fly first to spot 1, then either to 2 or 3, and so on. The spots can even use itself as a reference. For instance, if mapspot 1 had an argument number of 1, the Death Wyvern would just fly around in a small circle.

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I got this infor from Randy Heit some time ago. I assume it works for Hexen as well as just Zdoom.

The Death Wyvern requires mapspots placed around the map with its args containing TIDs of possible destinations, making up to 5 destinations possible from each position. The choice of next destination is random. Note that the dragon lich's first destination is the first thing that it can locate that has a TID identical to it's own.

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