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crap sp33dmapping omg

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daimonreloaded said:

speedmapping contest starts at 16:00 GMT for anyone is interresed.

make one medieval castle themed in map in 50 minutes. Maps needs a exit and almost a key.

"almost" a key ? I would like to see that...

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I'd like to see an slowmapping contest someday ;) I'm pretty good at that.
An medievil castle should be easy ive done a few of those type of maps before :) but 50 minutes is too short for me to make it look good and playable.

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You're missing the point of the exercise. It's like Croquis drawing. You are set up to draw a body in a very limited ammount of time. you won't have time to draw all the details of a body. But you instead focus on getting the expression of the body.

The shortest timelimit I've had in Croquis drawing have been 5 seconds.

Wikipedia on Croquis drawing

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kristus said:

When I participated it was 100 minutes. Although I recall it as being 1 hour really.

Yeah, it's usually 100 minutes.

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