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Playing doom using a wireless connection

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My sister is coming over and I would like to play doom with her using the wireless connection we get at the place I rent. I get to connect to the landlord's network using a usb network adapter, she has a laptop with wireless built in. Im wondering what would be the easiest way to set up a deathmatch so we can both play using the network of the landlord. What doom program (zdoom, legacy) makes it the easiest for me to do this? (im no computer expert). Could we play co-op connected to the same network? (is this even an option?).

It would be awesome if we could play co-op using separate computers, since we have played all our co-op using the same computer with split screen and a wireless controller.

Thanks for your help.

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Very good question. I think you'd probably get more relevent replies in the Multiplayer forum.

You could also try the zdoom forums ( http://www.zdoom.org )

Some ports listed here, if their URL still works, may have more info, perhaps one has that ability?

skulltag.com <--they have forums too, maybe ST supports it.

*shudders* a last resort could possibly be ZDaemon. zdaemon.org

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I doubt that type of connection should be a problem once you get the computers to see each other, unless the firewall gets in the way (in which case you need to set port exceptions, use DMZ, or turn it off temporarily). Do each have their own internal IP? If you know that IP it should be easy to get any Windows engine to connect.

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