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Bastet Furry

DW-Staff death?!?

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Bastet Furry said:

What the topic says, is the staff death or why is there no news post for the last ~25 days?

Maybe there's a lull in Doom related news.

And Death's staff is called a scythe.

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There's nothing really worth talking about in the Doom community right now. If you want lots of Doom news, go to NewDoom, Doom Dude seems to update that site daily.

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kristus said:

The exiled looks pretty stupid with all those colored lights.

That is partially because most of those are really early screenshots before I got the hang of the BIAS lighting system in Doomsday, thus ending up with fruity lighting. Not to mention since Doomsday 1.9.0 is in beta the lighting system isn't finalized anyway.

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Then maybe they should get aides. That'll speed the process along.

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Ya interesting indeed. Hellcore 2.0 came and went without a newstuff review, it's not even in the newstuff archives anymore and it was released Oct. 27/06.. go figure.

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