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Doom 2 sounds

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I'm into building my first map using deepsea in the doom2-zdoom config. I'm familiar with anindefs, soundefs, etc., associated with building a map. I'm using Xwe as an assistant to deepsea. I have a question that has been baffling me for some time. When I setup a pillar to lower from the ceiling heighth to the floor, there's a moving sound with an ending thunk that occurrs. When I configure a section of wall that I want to use with a switch or a walk-over line to act as a controlled door, which is ceiling that is already lowered to the floor, and want it to rise to the current ceiling, there's no sound when this is activated as with lowering a section of floor...in this case, a pillar! I've been all over in the doom2 iwad with xwe and could not find the sound associated with the floor lowering that I hear when the pillar is activated, so I can associate the sound with the ceiling raise.

To summarize...

There's a sound that occurrs when I lower the floor that I want to associate to with raising the ceiling. Can someone tell me where I can find this sound so I can write the script for it?


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I think the sound you are looking for is DSPSTOP

I also think it is plats/pt1_stop in sndinfo

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Thank you very much Enjay...

As soon as I get done these dedious sectors I'm on right at the moment, I'll hunt'em out... Again...

THANK YOU!!!! ;-)

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