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Problems with XWE beta

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Ok... I downloaded the beta version like you said...

First, the only thing in the zip is an exe that in my opinion has absolutly no idea in what direction it is supposed to go! I take it by the hand and show it where the Doom 2 file is... makes it happy as a lark, licks its lolly-pop! Then it tells me that it has no idead what-so-ever where the ini file is.... ok!!!! I cratch my head
and wonder myself where it is. I have the full version 116 and am wondering if I should copy the ini file into its directory!!! Then I get to wondering, if I do this then where is is this special help file that supposed to be there? Out of fairness.... how can you recommend using the beta?

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Put the beta executable in your previous XWE folder. Just in case you can rename your old XWE executalbe to xwe.old or something (instead of overwriting it).

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