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Hello World!

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...you people need to get one of them fancy forums for hellos and goodbyes, so I can feel like I'm not going to get flammed for posting something...yeah.

Hey people who like to play doom(Including engines like Skull Tag)/doom3(Including mods like the oh-so nesicarry flashlight). Sure everyone hates introductions but hell I thought It'd be a good time to join even though I'm not exactly done with the thing I'll be posting here shortly (Like... probably a couple days after thanksgiving)... Somewhat my entrance exam some could say. My first Doom Wad.(Ooh Goodie!) sure it's gonna be crap, I can already tell its gonna be crap but that isnt the point. The point is, is that I tested the first couple of maps on SkullTag with some random people who wanted to play and they said that I had potential or something.

Also... I love to play doom...Not so much doom 3, thats probably because I ruined the experience by cheating after the first couple of hours. Then it just got down right boring.

I've always been facinated by doom... the fact that my parents would never let me play it made it mystical and that more attractive. Later, in school one year, the shareware wad became a hit. I played it and absolutely loved it, even though I sucked ass at it.(Still do.) Then I went mad trying to find the full game. Then... the holy grail(Irony) that would cure me of my madness appeared... The Doom Collecters Edition(or whatever its called) I freaked out, at the low price of Ten bucks I could get Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom... Basically I could get one of the best games/most easy games for the mod community to well... mod. Ever since then(yeah sure it was a short while ago shaddup.) I've been playing the hell out of doom and loving it.

Sure none of you want to here this but...I just wanted to say hello and why I'm here... and no I'm not here to say my copy of doom wont work or something like that... I'm not a total idiot.

so...hello! happy fragging and modding

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