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Bastet Furry

Old (Non-IBM!) Computers

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Freakin' Noob said:

Atari 2600. Does that count?

Stella? In my DW? NOOOO!!!!!!!


If i would send you an Amiga you would get it and the sax bureou would never see it as its from another EU country.

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not in daily use:
Amiga 1200 with 20mb HD and tons of games from the old amiga 500 i originally got xmas 86 (long since killed off so i could steal it's case for a mod project once). currently in the attic at my old house about 200 miles away, along with my decks and records, will reclaim one day, assuming i can get to them past my brother's junk.

ZX81, with manuals and kempston adapter, heh.

in weekly use:
Playstation 1, sometimes only works when it's upside down. currently working through tomb raider 2, colin mcrae 3, suikoden II, abes oddysee (trying for 100% rescued, tedious work!)

used to be ~daily use until i got a new job and now drive instead of bus/train to work:
psion revo 8mb
best handheld ever, B+W touch screen (why do you need color on a PDA!?). querty keyboard, very good word processor and spreadsheet and you can play sim city on it too. wanted to try porting Dungeon master to it but as i have a life not gotten around to it

intend to acquire:
Dreamcast, i've budgeted £40 for this + two controllers + some games, want especially: Metropolis Street Racer, Shenmue, Jet Grind Radio amongst others

Xbox, maybe next xmas, so i can play Tiger woods 2003, Project Gotham 2, Halo and Halo 2 (though i have the former on PC) amongst others

would like for nostalgia purposes:

c64, of course :-)

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Da Spadger said:

Playing Turrican 2 on the old A500 kicked ass.

You're totally talking my language right there. Unfortunately I don't have my Turrican 2 disks anymore, but I do have my Turrican disks. Great times.

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I still have my old Atari 520ST (the first 520 version mind you)

The diskdrive is busted on it though, so I can't use it. :( (the everlasting issue of having the disk drive as a seperate entity attached by a thick cord is that it tends to fall down from stuff a lot)
I have long planned to get another since I love my Atari like no other system I ever owned. But I gotta get me the money.

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Unless its some obscure very old bus system, IDE and SCSI can be gotten very cheap ;)
You dont happen to live in Germany? Could send you a small HD (good enough for old computers, my A2000 runs on 10 GByte) for what the greedy Post AG wants from me.
Would be something around 500-1000MB though.

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