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Bastet Furry

Best Amiga Port?

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What the subject says, what is the best Amiga port?
As mentioned somewhere else i have an Amiga 2000 with 30 Mhz and 16 MB FastRAM running under Kick 3.1 and WB 3.1

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never could get any of them to build as once i was toying with getting prBoom onto the miggy. first though i wanted to try shunting the GFX through the fast blit patch, though suddenly i can't remember what that patch was called, can probably find it on aminet. Not that that's got anything to do with anything, none of the ports were GCC friendly IIRC, which was a shitter, so i gave up on that.

anyhow, i preferred DoomAttack, ran a playable few frames per second on my 25mhz 040 A1200 so that might do you, it takes ages to load the daemon so be patient when you first start it up

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