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Shadow Dweller

Arch-vile: a new power?

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i was thinking of doing that but sense i only have the above two views, it may be awhile, i have 78 more angles and poses to go, or if i do one a day it would take me about two and a half months possibly. if i use photoshop for reverse angles it might cut down the amount of work i have to do by half.

the only problem, is that, in order to keep the original doom feel, i almost have to do everything one...pixel...at a time. it only sounds bad. these only took me maybe a half-hour tops.

hopfully, before long i can post an animated sprite of this thing.

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Looks great, good work.
About inserting it in a wad, the lightning should have to be only over the archvile's hands, or there'd be problems in sectors with lower ceiling height. The lightning toward te ceiling could be replaced with the technique used for Korax' lightnings (shoot projectile to the ceiling), same for attacking.

Perhaps if you're in the mood you could implement this attack for D'Sparil (may be for the community Heretic project as an optional Zdoom specific boss), it uses less sprites and the lightnings are already there.

Anyway, great work.

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thanks, i wouldn't mind using the attack in a heretic project, but i'm already involved in the cc3 project and i don't have heretic any more :( i'll see what i can do after cc3 though.

haven't seen heretic in years.

i'll do what you said and take down the height some.

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