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Freakin' Noob


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Is there a WhackEd tutorial out there? because i want to (1) Speed up the chaingun a bit and (2) if whacked supports zdoom, is there a way i can boost the damage of the A_RailAttack?

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The first part is easy, just lower the duration of each of the chaingun's frames (remember the lower the muzzle flash frames' durations too!)

And as for modifying the railgun codepointer's damage, DeHackEd cannot do that. I think you'll need DECORATE.

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Wouldn't it be easier to just make a new decorate class that inherits from the chaingun, but with a few modifications?

actor SuperChaingun : Chaingun 2002
    CHGG A 0 A_FireBullets (5.6, 0, 1, 10, "BulletPuff")
    CHGG A 2 A_GunFlash
    CHGG B 2 A_FireBullets (5.6, 0, 1, 10, "BulletPuff")
    CHGG B 0 A_ReFire
    goto Ready
    CHGF A 2 bright A_Light1
    CHGF B 3 bright A_Light2
    CHGF A 0 bright A_Light0
That should make a chaingun that s twice is fast and does twice as much damage. I'm new to using DECORATE though, so I can't guarantee this is 100% correct.

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Boosting your railgun:

in your decorate lump there should be a line somewhere like:
A_RailAttack(x,0,1,"FF FF FF","FF FF FF",10)

You can have your railgun deal more damage by increasing "x".
for example:
A_RailAttack(100,0,1,"FF FF FF","FF FF FF",10)

Further: changing the first and second "FF FF FF" will change the color of the inner and outer railgun-blast.

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