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Hey, the spirit of the textures is pretty mutch to make nice, free textures. right? BloodMasters has only a few textures, but the textures from FreeDoom seem to be very compatible.

My question is this:
Would you guy's mind if we used your textures in BloodMasters? or any other project for that matter? we would credit and link you (of course) and be very much gratefull...
thank you.

(and by the way, we already made a FreeDoom textures pack, in assumtion ^.^;; )

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Fredrik said:

Of course you can use them. That's the idea behind the "Free" in "FreeDoom" :-)

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To paraphrase an OpenBSD developer:

ANYONE can use Freedoom and its source code.
ANYONE can modify Freedoom.
ANYONE can copy and distribute Freedoom.
For ANY purpose.
Just remember who wrote it.

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