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Possible bugs in Doom 64: Absolution Outcast levels?

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Hey everyone! I just joined. I need to ask a question about the Outcast levels for Doom 64: Absolution (Doom 64 TC). I'm not totally sure if they are bugs but these occurances certainly seem VERY wrong.
Anyway, on the level Traps, i attained the blue key and went thru the blue key door. I went a little farther into the level and dropped down onto a lower level to pick up some power-ups then went thru a teleporter that took me back to the platform at the start. But when i tried to go back thru the blue key door, it wouldn't open. I spent a long time trying to find a way to get back thru there, but there was nothing. So i came to the conclusion that it must be a bug. To progress in the game now, i had to use the get all keys cheat so i could access the yellow door instead to complete the rest of the level. Anybody experienced this problem with the blue key door?
And secondly, i beat the motherdemon and cyberdemon on the final level 'Nebula', and according to the walkthrough at the Doom Depot, the exit should reveal itself once they have been eliminated. The door in that battle amphitheatre that i believe to be where the exit is has not opened, and i cannot open it myself with the use key. Any ideas?
Hopefully i am posting in the correct sub-forum. Let me know about that also. Thanks.

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The Doom 64 Absolution "Outcast" levels are statedly incomplete and/or buggy, they were only released if anyone wished to fix them or use them as a basis for something else. That's why they're called "Outcast" in the first place.

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I remember reading that Outcast wasn't complete, but still wondered why I couldn't exit that level after beating the Motherdemon. Nice to finally understand why that was, heh.

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