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id software portraied in the 'F.P.S.' episode of 'Law And Order: Criminal Intent'

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There is an episode, called 'F.P.S.' (german title 'Blutiges Spiel') of the series:
'Law And Order: Criminal Intent', that is a very obvious adaption of the 'Masters of DooM'
-description by David Kushner of the history of id software.

Although the names have been more or less changed, i mentioned Romero, Carmack and McGee. There

might have been more.
The behaviour and fate of the main characters have been showed in the way, as 'Masters of doom'

shows that story and the persons.

Here are some links:







German Language:


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funduke said:

that is a very obvious adaption of the 'Masters of DooM'

Kinda hard to make an adaption of a book that has not yet been released (at the time of the episode's intitial airing)

EDIT: ohwait, it was out in 2003 not 04, oops

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Speaking of Masters of Doom, what's the story about that biopic Showtime was going to make on it? Has it already been made and shown and am I just living under a rock?

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Haha, I actually saw this episode a while back and was like "WTF, someone read Masters of Doom". I hated the episode though because it made the two Johns look like assinine jerk criminals and also had a lot of misinformation about how computer games work, let alone about the people who play them.

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saw that one. pretty ok episode. law and order: special victims unit did one on a GTA type game, where some kids ran a girl over with a car and then beat her.

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