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ICD-Lizard: ZDoom Edition (private beta testing begins)

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Ok, after months of work, I now give you guys the opportunity to beta test this thing. Just PM me and I'll email you the wad.

There are still some minor bugs in it, but I don't think they should seriously ruin the mod.

I've got a bunch of screenshots located here. The screenshots are kinda old. I know MS-Paint graphics aren't exactly top-notch and are usually associated with shitty joke wads, they look pretty nice in-game.

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sorry lizard, cant help i'm afraid, but ill look fofward to this and i am willing to be a beta tester.

- sausage -

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*Bump* , because its a shame to let Lizard's mods to go to waste. (Unfortunately I probably know less Decorate than you do, and im a bit full with the megaman x project and Noob Project 4, I hope someone can help you though.)

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