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trouble running fan WADs in glBoom...

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Gee, I am pretty Dumb, reason why I am here again...

I can't figure out how to run Trinity.WAD, or any other for that, in prBoom/glBoom...
I have the doom IWAD in the Boom folder, and the new WAD, and I can't see any help file, so...

anyone know how to run a WAD file in prBoom?

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You can drag the wad and drop it on glboom.exe.
You can use a launcher.
You can use the command prompt.
You can right click the wad and select open with and choose glboom.

What I do for megawads is make a batch file, open notepad write out a command prompt and save it as "all files" and put a .bat as the extension.
Example I use:

c:\doom\prboom-2.4.7-win32\glboom.exe -iwad C:\doom\#wads\doom2.wad -file C:\doom\#wads\requiem.wad C:\doom\#wads\reqmus.wad -complevel 2 -skill 4 -loadgame 0

Or to make it slightly easier, you will need the the Iwad and Pwad in same folder as glboom.exe.
Copy and paste this into notepad but you must put the .bat file in the prboom folder for it to work.

glboom -file trinity.wad -skill 4

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