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Hellbound Hillbilly

New DOOM hud portraits

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I worked hard for a couple of days & came up with 2 new DOOM guy portrait wads.
And thought I'd made something special....Well for me maybe, But to my horror after completion a friend pointed out to me it looked like "NICK LACHEY"...shutter??!! he may be right oh well here it is if anyone wants them
With Helmet

Without Helmet


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If it was just the one frame, then the first one looks better, but all the bloody frames, ouchface, etc. would seem to look better on the second one.

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Nebula-Kristian said:

It would IMO be even better if there was just the regular mug under the helmet and not the one there is now.

I agree & tried it first but couldn't quite fit the orginal Doom guy and the helmet in there
without shrinking doom guys face which looked terrible.

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just lookin at the screen shot, that second one does kinda look like that lachey dude. the helmet one is pretty neat.

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