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Idea for a contest: papercraft DOOM rooms (here's an example)

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This is an idea I had for a while, I know I'm not the first one doing this, but what the fuck.
Using graphics from DOOM (or other fps), create papercraft rooms in a paint utility (or whatever you call them in English), and designing them in a way so you can print and ensamble them as maquets.

Here's a little example I made:

If you want to print it, I recomend downloading the psp version with transparency on, so you don't need to use white color in vain.

If you use or not PSP, say your graphic program (er, wathever), to "fit to page" and print it in "landscape" mode or the picture will print out incomplete, or too small.

Contest idea:

Well the little idea that most probably will not work is to make the best room before December's 10th, you can design it for whatever id Software's game you want (even Commander Keen or the other plataform games as far as it's a 3d room), Hexen and Heretic series included too.
If you feel like adding ceiling, pillars or inerconnect rooms that's cool, yet not a must. No rules for the size of the room.

Designing these are quite easy and doesn't take much time (less than a hour), and they look cool printed and ensambled.

There's no prize, except fun and satisfaction.

Perhaps monsters printed, cutted, and fit with a bit of plastiline or something will look cool.


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Here's another one, not really a maquet, just three cubes to put over the computer, hope you like it.


Printable version with transaprency on.

If you print it, remember to tell your program to "fit to page", on this case, in portrait mode.

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I remember seeing a website once that had downloadable maps of Doom levels complete with the flat textures on each sector. That would be a good starting point for papercrafting a level or level section but I can't remember where the hell the website is or how to effectively search for it. Any ideas?

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