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Best Demos of 2006

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Ok..I bet everyone of you remember cn's "Golden Cybers" where were every year chosen best demos/players so i wonder why doesn't exist any similar show on dsda/dw forum demos? I think it would be fun and it would "bring back fame" to single player community :)Cause i don't think that there will be any "Golden Cybers" anymore :/...What do you think?

Of course i hope that Opulent or someone has demos grouped by the year :)

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Good idea! :-)
I put together a list off the top of my head of my favourite demos from 2006. NOTE that these are just my (very personal) favourites, in no way have I ranked any demos when choosing which to pick. I often have some stupid reason for liking demos (entertaining, I love the map, funny situations, etc.), but I consider these to be required viewing, anyway. I surely have forgotten lots of demos, please don't be angry with me! ;-)

I chose only from demos posted here at the DW demos forum, between 2006-01-01 and today. This means that lots and lots of excellent demos for e.g. Scythe 2 couldn't be included because they were posted in 2005. :-(

Anyway, here we go:

UV Speed
murdp052 by Grazza (also pacifist)
chur-105 by Grazza
eq12-352 by Anima
x1t7-039 by Grazza
x3m1_007 by Opulent (also pacifist)
x2t7-144 by Gusta
sc18p010 by Grazza (also pacifist)
2416p006 by cack_handed (also pacifist)
ic22p021 by Grazza (also pacifist)
ic28p031 by Grazza (also pacifist)
hr02p015 by cack_handed (also pacifist)
s208p024 by Gusta (also pacifist)
sc29-023 by MethoD

UV Max
dv011851 by Belial
x3t9-049 by Gusta
x3m1-043 by Anima
ks04-236 by MethoD
ks311117 by Angus
sc12-100 by Gusta
2432-425 by Anima
h2241419 by Belial
h225-550 by Belial
h2321940 by Belial
s206-052 by Xit
s210-245 by Xit
s2272454 by Anima
cc16-348 by Gusta

NM Speed
testnp09 by Belial
s221n046 by Angus
sn19p025 by Anima
2s04n027 by Angus

UV Pacifist
dth8p115 by Anima
hen4p032 by Grazza
cy07p049 by Anima (also max(!))
pp21-006 by Zodiac
kp13-010 by Grazza

UV Tyson
kt071836 by Xit
kt062646 by Xit
sc10t208 by Gusta

UV -respawn

UV -fast
1squf841 by Anima
hf141234 by Ryback
kf286354 by Ryback
sf303541 by Angus
h2322920 by Angus

30uv1402 by RamboBones
bt01-497 by Sylvain Chabert
bt03c013 by Sylvain Chabert
e1uv-345 by Andrey

KS map 23 stroller (in NewStrGB by Grazza)
108-re01 by Phil1984
GlitchRocket!.lmp (in x2m6-052 by Anima)

EDIT: Fixed some links.

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Wow cool! It's sweet surprise hehe :)I just wonder how you can remember all these demos coz i even don't rememeber my demos :) Anyway...It would be really nice to do (in january/february or so) some contest where everyone would choose his favorites..

It only needs someone who is able to put together all demos from 2006 and make a list..Then everyone can choose for example 5 demos from each category (speed, max, pacifist, tyson, fast, respawn, movie, best player, best demo, best misc...?) - 1.place 2.place 3......Count it and make simply inquiry (?) where everyone choose one best (favorite) demo..Just like Golden Cyber..

I would like to do it but i really don't have all demos from this year and i can't make inet inquiry heh..But if anyone help...

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That's a great demo collection, Kristian :)

I have only one complaint: you've completely forgotten tvr! demos in your list. Especially MethoD's 30tv2751 should be in everybody's TOP5!!!

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I admit I haven't been keeping up with the TVR! demos. I've only watched around half of them (the ones from February and a few from March this year), and it's been a long time since I played any of the maps myself, so I tend to forget about them. I'm sure there are many excellent runs there, but after all, I was listing *my* favourite demos. ;-)

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My suggestion for this would be as follows.

Three stages:

1. "Hey, look at these". People just post lists of demos that have caught their eye since the start of 2006. They can be demos from anywhere, including compet-n, just as long as they were recorded or first released in 2006, and are publically available somewhere. These would not be nominations as such - just on a "these come into consideration" type of level. If you particularly liked something, for some reason, just post. I think this approach is preferable to someone drawing up a huge list of demos for people to plough through, and I doubt that any strong candidates will be overlooked in this process if a number of "regulars" are involved in it. People are also free to draw attention to any of their own demos that they think merit particular attention, though obviously intense lobbying should be avoided.

2. Nominations. Whoever is volunteering to be in charge of this process draws up a list of categories (based partly on the type of things people have been posting about in stage 1). This stipulates how many demos can be nominated in each category. Within that framework, people are free to nominate any demos; they are not restricted to those mentioned in the stage 1 process. I think it would be sufficient for people just to e-mail their lists to whoever is in charge of this.

3. Voting. Pretty obvious... The organizer posts shortlists, and we send them our votes. Everyone voting should have an account here at DW, and it's one set of votes per account, of course.

Would the awards ceremony take place in Prague perhaps? :) At least some of us could be physically present in that case. Any final confirmation of dates for that?

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Ok, i agree with Grazza :
1) I guess people should send their demo lists sorted in categories - It would help in orientation...

2)Well categories :
Uv speed - 10 demos
Nm speed/NM100S - 10 demos
Uv max - 10 demos
Uv pacifist - 10 demos
Uv fast/respawn - 10 demos
Uv tyson - 10 demos
Movies - 5 demos
Best demo - 10 demos
Best player - 5 players
Best new trick - 5 tricks/demos
Most improved player - 5 players
?? Of course there would be also categories as coop etc. but nobody play it..
3)In every category should be 5 demos (3 best players, improved players..)

And big ceremony in end of January? :)

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There were also many good 2sector demos, shouldn't be forgotten for this thread.
Method, why coop cathegory shouldn't be there? :-)))
I agree with Grazza, the ceremony on LAN in Prague would be a cool event. (if people come there surely)
I already started to write my tips :-)

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Kristian Ronge said:

The 2sectors demos were recorded in 2005. :-(

Well bang goes his application then.

Kristian's list is a good starting point, and includes many that I consider strong contenders. I noted a few others (not intended as a comprehensive list, of course) that might come into consideration:

tv13p008 cack_handed
ic28p029 Kristian
et08-238 Eugene
m223-005 Kristian

m201p033 Eugene
s227p153 DomRem
kp12-011 Kristian (although not a flashy run, kp12 is more frustrating than kp13, in my experience)

f45nm619 Donce (in fort4lmp.zip - copy here too)

lv01-039 Xit
av252352 cack_handed
xt01-655 Belial
dk05-409 Method (in darken_method.zip)

re01-041 Xit

30tv2751 Method (copy here too)

tv13p008 cack_handed - this may have been the first of his "impossible" glides, but hard to tell, as the geometry isn't completely symmetrical
pl19-021 cack_handed - the first really clear-cut "impossible" glide; edit: a 32-unit "flat-face glide" to use his own and very appropriate term.
vv205054 Anima
tv10-037 (- just like to draw a bit of attention to this one of mine)
ic28-029 Kristian
h2s3-037 Vile (Heretic - recorded in 2005, but not made public until 2006 AFAIK)
tv03-nom Vile

Artistic Impression
ic28-029 Kristian

Technical Merit
kf286354 Ryback

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Kristian Ronge said:

EDIT #2: Grazza, ic28p029, IMHO, doesn't belong in the "trick" category, as I didn't add any new tricks to the route. Your ic28p031, however, is a very worthy candidate.

I was going by the precedent of the 2003 cybers, where ocelot's lv10-025 was the demo put forward as the nominee for the Trick category, even though the trick was Bolton's.

With Gusta getting hold of Icarus, I look forward to a bunch of excellent Icarus Tysons. :) Map11, go for it! :p

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Well, I see there aren't a lot of nightmare suggestions, so I might as well point out some of mine. I would say mm04, rq05, rq07, and rq13 are my best ones. Also I might as well point out m213 by Eugene as it looks difficult.

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