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My level was blown to feathers a moment ago...

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I was editing my Noob Project 4 installment in Doom Builder, after making a few small changes to its current state (adding a couple of extra monsters, and fixing a defunctional elevator) I saved it and decided to give it a quick test run.

First, I used the auto-run tool on Doom Builder, and it told me it couldn't find the source port it was supposed to run (Even though I used this feature a thousand times before in the same level.) So I said meh, ill run it from the command prompt.

I run it from the command prompt, and it starts to load to the title screen when *blink* my moniter fucks up all of the sudden, i'm like WTF!? how did doom black out my monitor? I reset the computer.

Okay... I open up my wad in Doom Builder...wtf? I cant even choose my level, it doesn't show up on any of the port's lists. Okay this sucks, I go to run it in the command prompt, oh great its doom2 map 1 THE HORROR! I check to see the files size, and.... 658 KB that sounds reasonable..*sigh* what the hell happened? Its like my level disintigrated in front of my eyes... good thing I had it backed up, hopefully that wont fuck up too.

Can anyone tell me what happened here? Has anyone else's level just dissapeared for no reason? I am a bit pissed so I may have not explained what happened very well...

I tested this level many times before and this never happened, why did it occur after I made two minor changes -_-.

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Yeah there are several backups, in fact I made a couple of my own, I just want to know why this happened, because I would really hate it to happen in the future again.

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I really can't say what happened to your level. Could be that DB's configuration backfired for some reason or another. One thing that you could keep in mind is a technique I learned a while ago is to save the level to a new file when you are saving. If it is named "mywad.wad" then save it to "mywad aa.wad" and continue so for every major installment of your level.

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If the sourceport goes haywire and reboots your machine, that has nothing to do with Doom Builder, regardless of the input you give it.

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