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Skulltag v0.97b release date announced

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In celebration of Doom's 13th birthday, I've chosen to announce the release date for the next big version of Skulltag, Skulltag v0.97b! We've all worked long and hard on it for over a year now, and we're almost ready to unleash it on the world!

For those of you who haven't really been following, in this new version, you can expect:

  • OpenGL rendering!
  • Over 30 new maps of six distinct types!
  • Four new game modes, including INVASION!
  • Lots of great new features, such as in-game voting!
  • An upgrade to the latest ZDoom version!
All of this will be released on 12/22/06! For information, you can visit the release date thread on the skulltag.com forums.

Hope to see everyone on its release date! :D

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I wonder if it features any better netcode. Also, although I'm no huge fan of ST, I'm rather interested in seeing the new maps.

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